Beyond the Hype: A Friendly and Sceptic User’s Guide to ChatGPT

This is not our fault.  

I don’t remember another example of such a sophisticated and nuanced technology launched with so little guidance.  

Ironically, ChatGPT itself is pretty good at warning and guiding. It’s as if it has integral tech support. However, you have to talk to it about its own inner workings. You have to ask the right questions, pushing to determine what’s going on and which path forward to take.. 

As a strategist, a big part of my career has been asking the right questions and being just that type of pushy. 


A friend once told me, “The trouble with you is you never have hobbies; you have ‘Hobsessions’”. I admit a bit of an over-fixation with the bot took over this period. Following weeks of experimentation with the AI and research into the different market reactions to its capabilities, I wanted to share my thoughts and experience, hopefully helping my network get the most out of this strange and powerful tool. 


At least in the near future, and while OpenAI remains coy about the peaks and pitfalls of their technology, it falls to us users to figure out ways of using it.  

So, work permitting, I will update this guide on an ongoing basis, in parallel with the product version releases, and integrate readers’ comments, tips, and anything new I find. 

I still believe that the best way to learn how to use it is to try it in your daily work while chatting to it about the results (for better or for worse). However — it’s still a completely open tool with little support and a long and intricate learning curve. There are other tools like it, but nothing quite like it (this week, anyway, ask me again next week). The endless theoretical ways of using it can feel overwhelming, so I hope this will shortcut your learning curve.  

 Here’s wishing you will find this guide helpful and that it will encourage responsible use and experimentation. 

Regards from London, 


(This is the intro. You can read and download the full guide here. No sign-up, no-nonsense…)

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