Getting through: Communication, Communities & Marketing (presentation)

I thought of sharing this presentation a while ago, then realised its visual nature meant it will eat all my bandwidth even if only a couple of hundred people will watch it.

You can quickly flick through it on Slideshare, or if you want the fully annotated PPT file, get it from esnips.


Vincent’s photo by Calos Luis
This presentation was given as part of Tinylove’s distributor event in Koln (Cologne), Germany, September 2006.
It was not modified for the web or this blog. Only the annotations were made more elaborate so people can understand more or less how it went and what it tries to say.
The annotations is not the exact script. There isn’t one.

Some parts may seem obvious or too “educational” to some of you out there. If they are, I’m sorry, this was to help the audience follow the ideas.
Also, note that this is a “fun” presentation as the distributor event is largely an evening “recreational” event. To avoid being “the heavy bit”, I did my best to make this presentation light and engaging.
I still tried to bust some viral marketing myths along the way, which is a part some of you may wish to skip to.

Tinylove, are a client of mine who create meticulously designed developmental toys for babies. Their main target audience is parents, specifically “Generation-X parents”. The focus of my work with them was how to better reach this audience through the web. It covered their site, SEO/M, community marketing and more. The implementation of those recommendations is currently still a work in progress and is, obviously, much wider and deeper then the aspects mentioned in this presentation.
Their blog is here.If this presentation is absolutely useless to you, maybe it be can useful to someone you know. Or – at least you may enjoy the work of the talented flickr photographers used to make it.

Anyway – enjoy the show.

CC (on the textual content only) – some rights reserved.

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10 thoughts on “Getting through: Communication, Communities & Marketing (presentation)

  1. Hey,

    OK, so I did a test upload to slideshare. Looks like the photo attributions are in the notes, so the problem is that the notes aren’t getting into the slide transcript. Correct?

    This shouldn’t be too hard a fix. We actually had notes in the transcript earlier, and removed them due to fear of things being in the notes that people didn’t want the world to see!!! We’ll add them back right quick.



  2. Thanks for dropping by. I think slide notes are very important. Especially with “new school” presentations, where it is the only way to keep the presentation relevant without the presenter.

    Maybe notes should be an option for the publisher.
    I liked slideshare very much, and will certainly put it up again if it was an option. But for this specific presentation – I don’t feel I have the right to publish it in a format that eliminates them.


  3. Excellent use of powerpoint, I will use your slideshow (along with Larry Lessig etc) to illustrate to my coworkers (I am instructor in a teacher university in Iceland) how to use powerpoint. There is a debate in my institution against use of powerpoint shows.

    Here is the webpage I will hopefully construct and point them to


  4. Hi Uri, long time…
    I was looking for the presentation you did for us in my files and (shame on me) couldn’t find it.

    Thank God for e-snipes.

    Just wanted to drop you a line on the way.

    Cheers, Shiri


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