Three firefox extensions that accelerate web browsing

The launch of version 2.0, is an opportunity to share three tools that help me save
precious time on a daily basis and that I think will be invaluable
to any web user.

The blogosphere is chock-full of lists of favourite extensions, renamed to add-ons in this version.  I published one in Hebrew a while ago myself.

I’ll take a minimalist approach and recommend only three that had very high impact on my browsing life (That doesn’t happen often any more…).

  1. Super DragAndGo – Saves time by opening links in a new tab using a short drag gesture with the mouse. Why this has not become a default in firefox yet  – I have no idea.
  2. Mouse Gestures – This add-on lets you add “macros” for almost anything based on combination of mouse gestures. I use it mostly for one short-cut that complements Super DragAndGo. (It’s not a default, you have to set it) Right-Click + drag mouse down to close tab. This way I can open and close tags without moving from where my mouse cursor currently is.
  3. Roboform – In a web full of forms and logins, this application is a god send, and definitely my favourite and most often used utility of recent years (By far. Snagit is probably next. both highly purchase-worthy). It replaces long winded log-ins into one click processes, saves you from the risky “one password everywhere” habit, and is very powerful in filling forms. The latest version even recognises when you create a new user, remembers the user & password you choose and later updates the short-cut on your first login. Synch it with its mobile version + add firefox mobile and you have a close thing to your machine on a flashdrive. (Yes, I’m an affiliate. Mostly out of curiosity to check the power of my recommendations)

Firefox 2

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7 thoughts on “Three firefox extensions that accelerate web browsing

  1. Hanan, now you’re telling me this? Well, thank you, this is indeed going to be a time-saver 🙂
    I’m afraid the entire idea of mouse gestures is lost on me, as I use the keyboard and mouse simultaneously and just don’t need it.


  2. CTRL+Click on a link also opens it in a new tab.
    Another option: add the “new tab” button to the toolbar, and then drag and drop the link to the tab (yup, no extension needed).
    Also, if you have Google toolbar installed, it can keep your form information and fill it out in a click of a button.


  3. Actually, with Mouse Gestures you don’t need DragAndGo. Just draw up through a link and it will open in a new tab. Or select a text-link and draw up.


  4. Some of those things are a matter of taste i guess, but…

    Hanan – my habit is working with two fingers on the mouse not three, so when i scroll i do it with the left button finger, shifting the position of my palm on the mouse to do it your way is less convenient for me…

    Amit – i know i’m particular, but i find the more free gesture on super draganddrop more free and intuitive for the purpose, the downside of mouse gestures (which is probably why i use it in a limited way) is you have to make a very exact gesture.

    Xslf – dragging to the tab is a longer way up, using control takes more time for me…
    Google bar is nice for forms, but doesn’t help with with log-ins, and it is not as nearly as clever and robust as roboform, try it and see for yourself. It’s a beautiful piece of software.


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