BlogDay 2006 recommendations

The way I see it, BlogDay is an opportunity to recommend blogs that are not the usual suspects. So here are some blogs I think deserve more recognition.

  1. Assi Sharabi is an anthropologistsocial-psychologist-come-planner, who keeps getting cool ideas like analysing the youtube leader board.
  2. Anecdote is narrative lead organisational consulting group-blog from Australia.
  3. Nova Spivack writes dense musings about the web and points to thought provoking science news.
  4. Raph Koster’s ideas about gaming are too good to be kept just for that. Let’s steal them for marketing.
  5. Ben Hammresley is renaissance action guy. Coding for the guardian, Snapping in Afghanistan and writing. I’m sure his upcoming Octet book will kick ass.

For Hebrew recommendations, I have another blogday post in my Hebrew blog.

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1 thought on “BlogDay 2006 recommendations

  1. Thanks Uri, much appreciated. (and you actually managed to keep up the traffic to my blog while way on hols…) Just a quick correction- its actually social psychologist-come-planner….




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