So many pies, so few fingers

90068113_ca38e46a46_m.jpgWell, I said this was going to be a low traffic blog, and I certainly over-delivered…


The last two months were dedicated to client projects.
This included a pitch on a very cool project, which the team and I won over two of the world’s leading brand design agencies (no pressure there…), and heading straight into the deep end of strategic design work. Unfortunately I can’t tell anything about it until January.

Extra-curricular projects also demanded attention., a blog platform, just about doubled traffic in the last 6 months or so. This amount of attention naturally requires some management, a sign that the project matures. Additionally, I had the pleasure of doing some worFoxyTunese FoxyTunes people, probably one of the coolest Israeli web start-ups out there.

What to expect over the coming months?
There’s a series of short posts in draft stage about marketing and stories. Focusing on “advanced aspects” of marketing communications and storytelling. There’s a (grateful) Basecamp case study, some viral marketing ideas, and if my courage doesn’t betray me – since the marketing babylon and sins posts were slightly on the ranting side – some ideas about what the alternative principles could be.

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