Older projects

(All the projects listed below are/were done voluntarily, independently and not for profit, in my (and my partners’) ever-decreasing free time. Work related projects information can be found on LinkedIn.)

Hebrew / Israeli Web projects

The Collective
A weekly come bi-weekly newsletter/email-link-blog I write from late 1999 for over a decade. For a while, it was the most widely read independent Hebrew email newsletter. Its eclectic, somewhat opinionated, contents covered web culture, design and a variety of other issues. Part Art & Letters Daily, part A-List-Apart, part Boing-Boing, part b3ta. With a motto roughly translated to “It’s quite something this Internet thing!”. Believe it or not, it was the first to introduce Hebrew readers to Web 2.0, ‘The long tale’ and other big ideas.

Concept launched as a magazine and online gallery for digital culture, art and design, heavily influenced by k10k & A List Apart. As the years went by, we turned from a magazine into a launch-pad for net culture related projects. Some listed here.

It operated for over a decade and only stopped where the founders’ careers and families became too much. Even after it stopped updating, it had a highly successful breaking news feature, as well as a job board serving the Israeli new media industry.

Concept won (and was short-listed for) several “site of the year” awards, and also the “Volunteering badge of merit” from the Israeli Internet Society (ISOC-IL) & the National Volunteer Council.

Concept Live / BD4D TLV
We curated and produced the Tel Aviv BD4D (By designers for designers) events, and were humbled by their success. Attendance was higher than BD4D events in far larger cities. The last event took place on April 2004, at Zavta, one of Tel Aviv’s most prominent live event venues which sold out in advance.

Launched in the summer of 2003, Notes is a Hebrew blogging platform with a twist. During its early days, the Israeli blogosphere had a different dynamic to the rest of the world and was dominated by personal journals rather than experts. As a result, many experienced writers, who were starting to think about creating an internet presence, were overlooking the blog phenomena or actively “snubbed” blogs. So we decided to create Notes as an exclusive site, only accepting writers with a definite focus and proven experience in their field. As a result, it evolved to host the largest collection of prominent blogs by professionals, journalists, academics, artists etc, in Hebrew.

An informative site which promoted the benefits and importance of writing standard compliant web code. which presented unique challenges for Hebrew.

Non-web projects

College course
“Marketing Communications and the Cultural Field” was an advanced course I gave as an adjunct lecturer at the Camera Obscura School of Media and Art in Tel Aviv, it was born out of an ambition to empower creative people to deal with marketing, marketers and “The Industry” by creating a bridge between the creative disciplines and marketing communications, using theory as a “common grammar” but emphasising the practical applications/manifestations in current marketing practices. It proved quite popular and became a starting point for a career-long passion to bring strategy to non-strategists.

Dimona & Comics
Dimona was a group of five Tel-Aviv based comix creators in their late twenties. The group members used the comics medium to tell stories about their own life and fantasies, in a wide and non-traditional variety of styles and media. The 3rd volume of the Dimona group anthology came out in 2005, along with a stand-alone graphic novella, entitled “Shirley – a sex comedy”.
I was story-editor for these two books, which came out of a comics storytelling and script-writing workshop conducted with the group. The narrative semiotics of comics has been a passion for many years and the subject of my (uncompleted) thesis. Since I left the academy to focus on other areas, I’ve occasionally lectured and published on the subject.