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A busy marketing strategist for over a decade, both agency-side and independently. Previous to that I had client-side management roles (mostly in and around Web NPD: concept, user experience, information architecture, interaction design…).

On November 2005 I moved back to London, for the second time, to lead the consulting function for branding agency Brandinstinct. Between August 2009 and October 2011  I was a Senior strategist with Landor Associates,  also leading their digital innovation group. On October 2011 I joined The Partners  (Marketing Magazine’s Branding Agency of the Year 2010 and no 1 in Design Week’s Creative League Table) as Strategy Director.

(The views in this blog are entirely mine and do not represent any entity but myself, and even that not consistently.)

Previous to coming back to London I completed two exciting years as an independent consultant based in Israel, working for Israeli and European clients. During that time I also worked with a couple of prominent Israeli web players and start-ups, taught a course in marketing communications for media & art students, spoke about related issues on several public occasions, and published some articles (I still do, when I get the chance).

Previous to that, I spent over 2.5 years in London, where I worked as a Brand Consultant (starting as a senior information architect) @ international brand consulting firm Siegel & Gale (then Siegelgale). This position followed three intensive years in the Israeli new media arena working for portal IOL, which I left as the director of content development,  leading product innovation, concept, strategy, and spec-ing for most products (and meeting too many start-ups), while discovering that my activities were quickly converging with marketing.

I graduated with a BA cum laude in Poetics and Comparative Literature from the Tel Aviv University, dropping out at a somewhat advanced stage of my Master’s degree studies. Working full-time parallel to my studies, I guess I realised I would rather spend my time on practice rather than research. A knowledge of semiotics and narrative theory was, and is, extremely central to my strategic marketing work.

A Fascination with communications, sign systems and human behaviour ; whether through life, art, science or business, is what leads me in my career, studies and online activities.
My work aims to shape meaningful, transformative ideas out of the chaos of contemporary markets, making sense of complex situations and bridging the gap between theory and practice. And that’s not limited to marketing.

Oh, and here is how the marketing I preach and practice works, in five simple principles.

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