UKGC – custom gaming PC building service review

So, I don’t think I’ve ever written a review on this blog, but I think this time it is well deserved and also a nice example of the difference good customer experience makes…

UKGC's Cerebus

My pet monster

So here goes:

About 18 months ago, I decided to indulge myself and get back into gaming. I started the process by making the terrible (and apparently common among adult gamers getting back into the habit) mistake of buying a gaming laptop (and nothing less than a souped up Alienware 11mx !). About a year later, I still had the best laptop I’ve ever had, but being unable to upgrade the graphics card (or pretty much anything) meant performance with new titles began to suffer.

So, swallowing my pride, I started looking around at getting a proper gaming PC. Among many questionable gaming PC workshops on the net, stood out.

UKGC are all about your customer experience.
We don’t all have time to sweat and curse through the process of building a custom-made PC and they make it all a pleasant experience at a reasonable mark-up.
The site doesn’t bombard you with a million alternatives, just with premium, award winning, components. For those, you will find detailed information that will help you understand what you wish to keep and what you wish to change, even if you’ve been out of the hardware loop for a while.
Once you’re ready, you can quickly chat with someone to make sure you made the right choices and ask any questions. I strongly reccomend not to skimp on some of the minor upgrades – cooling, neater cables, quiet fans, they add a premium but make a big difference.
Everything arrived as promised, with many clever touches, the inside of the box (which you open to remove the protective foam) looks neat. The build and every single component scream quality. I may have skipped the (impossibly varied) bling upgrades, but I still have the best looking machine I’ve ever had.
And it runs so cool and quiet it’s hard to believe this is an overclocked 3D shredding monster.
Post-purchase, service remained prompt and personal.
I have been buying my own machines for over 20 years (discounting my Commodore 64) and have never had such a fantastic experience around the purchase and labour-pains of a new PC. I do hope my relationship with UKGC will continue through the upgrades over the next couple of years – thanks to their advice, this PC is extremely upgradeable and should last for a while.

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