Microsoft’s .Kafka Framework

And I thought I’ve seen everything there was to be seen with Microsoft’s software.
I just took this screen-shot. On my FRESHLY INSTALLED Thinkpad.

If it wasn’t so sad, it would have been funny. (which it is)

P.S. no. Retry doesn’t work. It just takes a couple of seconds to think very hard, then arrives at the same conclusion.

6 thoughts on “Microsoft’s .Kafka Framework

  1. And here is the lotus notes version. from a calendar entry request for information you only have 3 options:

    Lotus Notes
    Do you want to send this notice with these comments?

    Choose Yes to send as is.
    Choose No to send without comments.
    Choose Cancel to continue editing.

    Yes No Cancel

    And if you accidentally pressed that possibility then you are in trouble as whomever asked for the meeting will get an email asking for additional information whether you like it or not.


  2. bo, I didn’t, and you know what – the initial reason I installed it for didn’t work. The xps viewer was utterly confused by the fact my default browser was firefox. surely, unheard of.


  3. IBM claimed to have fixed that bug in Notes 6, but I am using Notes 7 and it still has that bug. Whoever wrote that dialog box should be a trial lawyer. The dialog should add a 4th choice to just send the meeting chairman an honest confession of your fatfingery.

    The only way out is to force kill the process, though it makes Notes unrunnable until you reboot again. Worked for me.


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