Blog-tag confession time

Happy holidays! I guess it’s my turn on Jeff Pulver’s blog tag meme-train.
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Funny, I don’t usually join those things but so many good people have participated, I feel oddly compelled…

So, just before I’m off on my holiday – 5 things my blog readers may not know about me:

  1. The reason I was incredibly driven about learning English from a young age was because there were books by E. Nesbit and Roald Dahl that weren’t available in Hebrew at the time.
  2. One of my first jobs after high-school was selling Juggling equipment in a professional juggling shop. I’m still not so bad with a Diablo and have a weakness for yo-yos (own about 20 or so…).
  3. I grew up in a farm, we were mostly growing fruit and veg until I went to high-school. I liked growing up in a small village until my early teens, when my obsessive curiosity and cultural appetite drove me to Tel Aviv. I absolutely hated all my agriculture related chores – found it devastatingly boring, but never protested.
  4. I’m a pro-level tarot reader (have been doing it for about 9 years), but I don’t believe in the mystical aspect. Tarot for me is just another intresting and rich way to explore narratives and converse with the subconscious (mine or other people’s).
  5. Until my career “took over”, I thought I was going to be in the academy. I left for my “first round” in London just before starting to work on a thesis about “the narrative mechanisms of comics as a visual storytelling medium” (or somthing along these lines). This area is still a side interest for me, and I speak about it when I get the chance.

It seems most of my roll is tagged already, and it took a while to find “victims” but I’m tagging: Mary Hodder, Danah Boyd, Yael Elish, Daniel Cohen, Andy Baio

I know I’ve been kind of quiet – been working hard on some speaking engagements for my holiday to Israel. Some will hopefully breed posts eventually…

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